Sunday, August 5, 2018

Saturday&Sunday--the return home

Thankfully this post will be really short.  The team woke up Saturday around 8 a.m.  Had breakfast.  Cleaned up.  Then we concluded our time in Panama with a short meeting talking about re-entry into our home culture.  Around 10 a.m. we loaded up the car and drove out to the airport.  Got through security without any problems.  Then about fifteen hours later, we arrived back at our homes and crashed in our beds (individually, not all together).  There were no problems, no hiccups, and no glitches.  It was a smooth ride and everyone rode it with a mix of joy and sadness.  Our adventure had come to an end.  As we discussed in our morning meeting, now comes the hard part of processing all that we've learned and applying it back home, not to mention waiting till we get to go back.

Praise God for all the great work He's done in and through us; for granting us safety and protection; for blessing us with meaningful relationships and powerful experiences.  Thank you for all your prayers and for supporting us in this amazing journey.  To God be all the glory!

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