Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Another good day today.  Left the base by 7:15 a.m.  Got to Curundu and helped set up chairs for the VBS.  Helped run groups for the VBS.  Lizzy even got a job sharing a gospel tract we had used for our church camp at FCC.  Following the program we ate lunch with the kids, then each teen got to join a class for the rest of their afternoon instruction.  Jenny helped in the kitchen and worked like crazy to give their staff a nice break.  All the while I sat and hung out with people I know, a nice way to conserve energy.  After getting back to base around 3 p.m., we have all been doing devotions and writing in our journals.  We'll head to the grill place again for dinner tonight.  They had some really good grilled chicken and fried plantains.  We also shared a picadura which is a mix of fries, grilled sausage, pork, and meat.  Super yummy. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Curundu.  Due to the intense heat and noise, each day there is super tireing, but the team is working hard and building some strong bonds with the people there. 

Some more pics:

Girls' Dance Team

Jen working hard

Emily doing devos
Dinner by the Canal

Alex napping

Palm Trees Everywhere

Kyla doing devos

Paletas by the Canal

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