Thursday, August 2, 2018


Today was our last day in Curundu.  We worked hard again setting up, helping with groups during VBS, serving lunch, cleaning up from lunch, and visiting classrooms.  The day ended with a little goodbye ceremony for the Iowa team and ourselves.  The Curundu staff were very appreciative and prayed over the two teams before we left.  There were lots of hugs and a few sad faces.  Our team too was sad to say goodbye to the new friends we had made.  It's amazing how quickly we have bonded with people during such a short time here.  Finally, after returning to base, we went for a quick swim in the community pool, a refreshing reward for lots of hard work.

Tomorrow the plan is to take a little boat outing on the canal/lake.  We're hoping to see some monkeys and/or toucans and other wildlife.  We might also stop in at the local zoo nearby. 

Keep praying for us now as we prepare to return home.  There have been some really good conversations with the team the past couple nights.  Individuals saying things like:  "I feel like God is calling me to really get to know Him better when I get home," or "I realize how selfish most of my life is" and "I want to get more involved in helping others," etc.  I'm looking forward to them sharing their reflections with you all when we get home, that is if they are actually willing to get on the plane and come home; several are threatening to just stay here forever...

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  1. Andrew, If anyone wants to stay, maybe some of us should consider coming down! Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.