Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Today was a good day.  Spent the morning at Curundu Academy.  The teens helped out at the VBS again.  I was also healthy enough to watch and take pictures.  The building is incredibly noisy and chaotic and hot and humid, so it's incredibly draining.  But the teens have been sticking it out, working and hanging out with kids.  I've been really proud of them. 

Since today was a half day at the school, we then spent the afternoon at the Amador Causeway, a small strip of road connecting a few islands adjacent to the entrance to the canal.  We had some fun on some little rickshaw bikes and got to be tourists for the afternoon.  It was a nice break from all the noise, although still very hot and humid.  Tonight we'll walk down from the base and eat dinner at a local grill place.  The team is getting a little sick of rice at every meal, though Alex says he's used to it cause that's all dad serves at home. 

Everyone is doing well.  I'm feeling healthier by the day.  We appreciate your prayers so keep them coming until we make it home safe and sound. 

Enjoy the pics!


  1. Had an urge to pray for you all this afternoon about 3:00..??
    Dear Lord, these precious ones we know are in Your care as they seek to minister in Your Name. May they know You are there, too. Amen.

    1. Not sure what we were doing, but we'll take all the prayer we can get. Thank you!