Monday, July 30, 2018


Today was our first day at the Juntos Podemos (all together) center in Curundu.  We got there late because it was raining so hard the roads were flooding.  We also had a minor problem with the car, as it mysteriously slipped out of gear and wouldn't go anywhere.  Thankfully we were able to put it in four wheel drive and that got us where we needed to go.  Dan then switched it out with another vehicle.  By the time we got to the center, the kids were already in their classrooms, so the teens helped set up chairs and tables.  There is a team there from Iowa doing a VBS, so our team jumped right in and helped out with that.  They also helped serve lunch to the kids and then packed little gift baggies for a special celebration day tomorrow.  After that, some other volunteers showed up teaching dance and drumming to the older kids.  Our group split up and helped out with that.  We then finished the day by doing a light clean up and setting the chairs up for tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate in much of this as I was feeling very wiped out.  I'm feeling better now, and I hope it was just the exhaustion from the trip catching up to me.  Hopefully I'll be up to full strength tomorrow.  The good news with this is that I made Jenny drive us home today.  She had to remember how to drive stick and got to test out her Panamanian driving skills.  For her the trip has been all about taking her out of her comfort zone and stretching her faith.  She's doing great!

Now we're back at base taking some time to rest, do some personal devos, and hang out.  We'll have a meeting tonight and discuss the learning and processing that's been going on.  Tomorrow we'll be back at Curundu doing much of the same thing.  The kids there have a half-day so we'll have to find something else to do in the afternoon. 

Everyone is doing well and working hard. 

Juntos Podemos Curundu

Dance Team

Drum Team

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